Wondering what to wear this summer? You’re not alone. As the hot sun begins to peek out from behind the clouds, we are all reckoning with what our summertime looks will be. Beautiful dress? Sexy swimwear? Or other? provides a guide of the 2019 summer. Read our forecast of the biggest trends for this season, ahead.

1. Floral Printfloral printed women dress

Floral patterns and summer season are synonymous to each other. Floral fashion is never out of trend even for high-end designers. Floral prints and florals add a delicate feminine touch to the outfit with a hint of romance in the air.

Choose to wear a bright dress or swimwear with flowers or a pastel colored pattern but make sure to pair them with the right accessories for dresses in order to get more praise.

 2. Asymmetrical NecklinesIrregular Neckline Women Dress

 An asymmetric neckline is any neckline that looks different on either side of the center front of the top or dress. It can be cut differently or it could be the same, but one side is folded down while the other is fastened up.

Asymmetric necklines were popularized in the 80s and are still popular today which are a great choice to up your style.

3. Frill Edge

Frill edge is the one style that never goes out of trend. Whether it's a dress or a bathing suit, frill can decorate your outfit and give you a perfect appearance - elegance, sweetness or cool sense.

Frills often gives a feeling of elegance and sweetness. Of course, the use of embellishments can sometimes suitable for a cool style.

4. Cut Out

Concise and generous is already the goal pursued by many people in the contemporary era. How do you stand out among the many features? Cutting is a very good choice.

Cut out is everywhere. Whether it's the waist, legs, back or others, cut out is a good way to highlight your body advantage. At the same time, you can better attract the attention of others.

5. Mesh Patchwork

The mesh yarn always gives a feeling of flowing, and the looming veil adds fashion. Mesh stitching dress is one of the most popular clothes for women today, whether it is a good choice for parties or daily work.

Of course, there are many other popular factors. More exciting, please pay attention to