We firmly believe that every good shape begins with great body-shaper. Particularly, great shapewear. Whether the main objective is to provide shaping, control waist or a secret dose of confidence, choosing the right shapewear is of paramount concern if you want to feel truly comfortable in what you wear over top.

Just as no two bodies are the same, neither are our shapewear requirements. Which is why we, committed to finding the right body shaper that makes us feel amazing when we wear them, in the hope that they'll do the same for you.

From boutique designers who are experts in creating comfort shapewear for those in need of a slim body to the high-street stalwarts leading the way affordable body shaper charge, keep scrolling to see and shop the best fashion shapewear our editors swear by.

Editor in Chief: High Waisted Shaping Shorts

High Waisted Shaping Shorts

"I discovered Godress recently thanks to their cute store online. I had noticed on social media that other girls with bigger bodies like me were singing their praises. When you've got a bigger waist and smaller butt measurement, it can be almost impossible to find fashionable, chic attractive shapes that offer you the right amount of confidence. What I love about high waisted shaping short is that they subtly adapt waistline and enhance my bum to shape sexy curve, without losing design integrity and comfort along the way. So I like it very much."

Deputy Editor: Waist Slimming Bodysuit

Slimming Wasit Bodysuit

"Looking for a slimming shaper is something I really need. It's just not very easy, is it? But a recent discovery of mine is GD's slim waist body shaper, which is perfect if you want slender your waist, control your abdomen. These are for those with a bigger waist, as they don't have sexy curves, but I have found a clip and zip slimming shaper really comfortable and you can pair with many dresses. And it can Improve your body shape and make you look sexier."

Acting Assistant Editor: Waist Trainer

Women Waist Trimmer

"As with my wardrobe, my clothes drawer is slowly being taken over by waist trimmer. It can intuitively improve your body and make your waist look slim. If you are trying to exercise to lose weight, then this belt is definitely the best weight loss partner. It compresses the waist and stomach region in order to suppress hunger,  and belt with comfortable design allows for free movement to fit you. I always wear it to running."

Social Media Editor: Double-Layered Mesh Butt Lifter

Double-Layered Butt Lifter

"My friend introduced me to butt lifter shaper a while ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. Double-layered mesh butt enhancer is a beautiful piece that not only fit perfectly but looks incredible on, too. It is very soft and breathable to wear and give your bum enhancer at the appearance, it's a very good choice to pair with dresses, jeans, shorts or others. I have bought three pieces as a gift to my friends."

My Pick: Adjustable Straps Bodysuit Shaper

Adjustable Straps Slimming Bodysuit

I have always liked one-piece body shaper very much. Simple and comfortable, and slender straps can be adjusted to fit your body. The special material gives you a better pressure on your waist, making it easy for you to wear your favorite clothes; the hip enhanced material gives you an upgrade that gives you a perfect arc. I love the fact the bodysuit shapers don't deviate too far from the pretty designs of any occasion.